Question about profile privacy

I have noticed that some users have their profile private, so that only people they add as a friend can view their profile.  And I was wondering how to do that.  I have my MySpace profile set up that way, and I want to do that here too.  But I was looking and can't figure out how to.  So, if anyone knows how to set your profile to private, could you please tell me how.


O thats cool, I didnt know you could do that.

Your profile is automatically private to those over 18... Juvenation does it automatically.

So I can't see your profile because I'm over 18... unless I added you as a friend. However, I do believe that those under 18 can see your profile regardless.


If you want a different privacy setting I suggest talking to Gina, or adding your request to the input/feedback group!

oh okay, thanks.