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I'm sick of sitting on hold with the pump people, so lets see who responds to me first i just changed everything out, and when i put my site in, i noticed that there's blood in the cannula. it doesn't hurt at all, i figured maybe i just put it in a weird spot or something, anyways, this hasnt happened before and im not sure if i should prime and all that good stuff or if i should just remove, and add a different site.... thoughts?

If I get a site that has blood in the cannula I find insulin doesn't always absorb or not as well. I normally change it.

would you recommended not even attempting the day with the cannula that's in place right now? worst possible timing, i'm already running late for work lol

so i just filled the cannula to see what happened and the blood went away.. what do you think?

Really, its up to you.  Maybe just bring some back up supplies in case it doesn't work.  I hope you are still not waiting on the phone with the pump company cuz they will prolly just tell you to change it.

Good luck!

seems as though everything was fine today :) gave up on the company and called me dr on the way to work, she said if my BS's are high change is otherwise i just hit a weird spot of skin seems to be working normal :) thanks for your input today!!