Pump Upgrade and Insurance

Currently, I'm using the Paradigm 522. My warranty is up in October, and I want to upgrade to the new Revel system. I was on the phone with a Medtronic rep yesterday, and they told me my insurance (Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield) won't cover a new pump UNLESS the current one breaks/malfunctions. They won't cover it for upgrades, because "they don't think it's beneficial." However, they also told me that sometimes Anthem will approve a new pump if the old one "shows signs of wear."

I don't want to sit around waiting for this model to break, and THEN start all the jumping through hoops for the insurance company. The pump I have right now I've only been using for about 6 months, as mine had water damage and they sent me a refurbished one.

Has anyone out there had this same problem, and were you able to get a new pump? And can you tell me what on earth "signs of wear" means??

I forgot; I had to answer that too, in order to get a new pump - even though my existing one was out of warranty.  "Signs of wear" include scratches to the screen, any cracks or scratches on the pump housing, any malfunctions in the operational sense (alarms that don't sound, etc.), and any burnt out parts of the LED screen.  This, along with a letter from my doctors, got me my current pump.

Good luck!

I have the same insurance and was told the same thing. The rep at Medtronic convinced insurance that "something was wrong" because my pump was mysteriously losing time. It was always a few minutes slow and the battery wasn't lasting as long as it should have been. Funny how I never noticed it until the rep pointed it out to me:) I do think I had to wait for my warranty to be up though which is 4 years. Keep talking to your rep at Medtronic and they will help you get it pushed through. They have done it twice for me now. I did get my new one, but it took a few weeks if I remember right. Don't take no for an answer from the insurance company either. Medtronic will do everything they can for you.