For my senior project I have taken up the subject of food and abstraction for the subject of my painting series.

I didn't want to work directly with my diabetes so I chose the thing that rules my life.

Some of them are beautiful and some are ugly.

As soon as I get some photos of the paintings taken i'll be sure to post them.

awesome I really cant wait for you to post some!


This is the first painting I feel completely done with and so the 1st one I'm posting. All of the works are food related, and this one is no exception.

It is acrylic on canvas, 40/48 inches.

This is unbelievable...I would so buy this!  Are you just a high school student???

Thank you

No, I'm a college student (well, I'm graduating in May)

I just had my senior exhibit with a 3 professor review committee and it went beyond well. There are more paintings and I'll have them posted very soon.




Love this concept!  Very interesting work-I can't wait to see more from this collection.