Pros and Cons to Dexcom G4 Pediatric

To anyone that has ever used the Dexcom G4 Pediatric, please share any pros and cons about the device. This can be anything, including insertion, size, accuracy, alarms for rising blood sugar when you eat (does it?), etc.

I do not know much about the product and would love to hear any thoughts.

I have had the Dexcom G4 for about 2 months. In the short time that I have had it, I can say that it has been very helpful. I am newly diagnosed (less than a year) and am still getting used to having the disease. The Dexcom alerts me of lows and highs, this is especially helpful when I am sleeping and/or at work. The insertion isn’t that bad, for the time I’ve had it, I have worn it on the back of my upper arm, my stomach, near my shoulder. The most painful spot was the back of my upper arm. In terms of accuracy, it varies because of placement. It’s almost always within +/- 30 mg/dL. Something I don’t like is that it only checks your blood glucose every 5 minutes. With that being said, a lot can happen with in 5 minutes. The good thing is that your able to see a graph of where you’re blood glucose has been and where it’s going. For example, I was having a high about an hour ago, I took a correction dose of insulin and am currently having a low. Dexcom alerted me of both events. Another pro of this product is that you’re able to upload all of the data to software; with that it gives you a better picture of your blood glucose for the time you’re wearing the dexcom sensor. Hope this helps!

Sorry! I forgot to mention that I have the platinum version of the Dexcom G4.

I’ve had my Dex 4 for 3 years now. Works well.

Let me know if you want all the details.