Pregnant and terrified

This is my second pregnancy and last time was less than ideal. I was told my baby WOULD die because of my diabetes every appointment each week of my pregnancy last time. I refuse to go back to that doctor or hospital but it is who my gp and endo both recommend. How do I find a good doctor on my own? Do I start with a regular ob? Or just call an mfm right away? I have no idea where to even begin since I’m getting no support, but I’m 4 weeks so I want to get the ball rolling

Can you explain to your GP or Endo that you would like someone else? They probably have a list of doctors they recommend.

You could also try talking to other women you know with kids to find out who they had in your area and call those offices to see if they handle high risk pregnancies, then go to your GP/Endo and tell them you want that doctor.

First be honest with yourself about your last pregnancy. Was there anything going on that gave the OB cause for concern? Were your blood sugars well controlled?

Assuming that you had a normal pregnancy with decent blood sugars and no cause for concern, the insist on getting another OBGYN. I had a male OB who was recommended because guy doctors are less popular, so he had more time to devote to learning about a diabetic pregnancy.

I don’t care if someone is qualified on paper. You need a doctor who is knowledgeable and your former doctor is obviously clueless about the reality that a woman with type 1 diabetes can have a completely healthy pregnancy.

I know this post is a tad old, but just thought I would put my two cents in! I went to my regular OB when I found out I was expecting. She sent me to a mfm to see in addition to her. I HATE him. He also told me that there is no way my baby is going to survive, but also tells me that I have some of the best blood work he’s ever seen in a pregnant diabetic. After leaving his office three times in tears, I told my regular OB that I wasn’t seeing him anymore. She said she understood and now I manage my pregnancy between her and my endo. Everything is going well so far.

My ob seems to think I can’t have my pump while I’m in labor my endo doesn’t have privlages at the hospital I’m scared to death to not have my pump I don’t want that drip it’s will mess me all up