Pregnancy Stuff

So a general question:

The ladies on here that have had children, what is the peices of equipment that you were so happy that you bought or got and what are some things that were a waste of money? 

Total necessity for me was the Itzbeen- it's this little electronic device that tracks how long it's been since you've feed, changed, given meds, etc for you baby.  Being a new mom it felt like I had just done all those things- time goes by so fast.  Also, it helped me to make sure I was taking care of myself.  If I wasn't using the medicine for baby I would use it to track how long it was since I ate/bolused.  Also, makes a great little flashlight for late night feedings! :)

If you are nursing, I LOVED LilyPadz vs throw away nursing pads.  They worked great for me.  Make sure that you do have some type of formula in the house until your milk supply comes in though- I didn't know this until later, but apparently it isn't uncommon for a diabetics milk to take 6-7 days before coming in.  Still nurse frequently to stimulate production, but if baby is still hungry you'll be prepared.

I couldn't have enough flannel receiving blankets- the biggest ones I could find for swaddling.  Our little guy loved to be swaddled and also loved to poop through diapers while swaddled.  I think I have like 12 of those blankets now.

I wanted a video monitor (which we still use on occasion and he is 3) and my hubby wanted the SIDS monitor.  At that time they didn't have a combo unit like they do now, I can't imagine going without either of those.  I would do the combo unit- worth every penny.

Go for the lightest carseat/stroller you can find, trust me.  

Biggest waste of money was the expensive bedding set- they can't use the comforter anyway and when they do they only poop and spit on it anyhow.  Get a bunch of nice cute sheets and mattress protectors (the ones with elastic are a pain to put on and off, I just got the pads).  Do yourself a favor and layer them on the bed so in the middle of the night when precious makes a mess you only have to rip off the old sheet and you'll have a nice clean one waiting for you underneath.

My son loved his swing and was a little refluxy so he slept in it for like 3 months.  I got one of the swings that went side to side and back and forth- good thing because he HATED back and forth but loved side to side.  

The bouncer was nice and he spent a good amount of time in it b/c it just didn't feel right to put a newborn baby on the floor- HA!  With this one I am hoping to get that new Fisher Price rocking cradle thing- it folds up soooo small.

I have one of those baby tent things which was a total waste of money.  He used it twice and now we use it as a fort just so it doesn't feel like it was a total waste.  

Target Up and Up diapers are the greatest once they are like a month old- the cheapest around as far as disposables go.  Love Huggies wipes though b/c they rip in half really easy so you don't have to use a huge wipe for a little job.

Oh, tummy time matt- the cute lily pad one, total waste of money.  So cute though, but a waste.  

Boppy's are great for everything but breastfriends are better for nursing.  

Have fun shopping!  Wish I could do it all over again- now we already have everything so even if there is something better out there that I was ignorant of before I can't justify upgrading. :)


Thanks for posting all your info. I'm sure it will help me a lot since this is my 1st. :)


Waste of Money:

- Changing table (better to have a dresser with a changing pad on top or use a mat on the floor)

- Baby wipe warmer (completely unnecessary)

- Baby sleep positioner (unnecessary, can even be dangerous)

- Tummy mats (instead use a soft blanket or two)

- Swing (some babies love them, but borrow one from a friend before you buy)

- Bassinet (they use for such a short time, better to get a pack and play portable crib with bassinet)

- Fancy clothes (have a few cute outfits, but they outgrow everything so quickly in first year, baby will spend most of first few months in t-shirts and onesies)


Good Purchases:

- Gerber side snap shirts (saves on laundry and gives easy access to change diapers, dads are often afraid to dress infants but will be able to get this shirt on the baby)

- Bottle brush (to clean baby bottles easily)

- Pack and Play with bassinet (baby slept in this for first 4 months until he was big enough for crib, was a great travel bed for road trips until he was about 3yrs, also worked like a playpen when I was cleaning floors

- Bucket car seats (so you can carry baby from car into stores or restaurants)

- Infant to Toddler rocker (priceless! you can keep baby in a secure place when you're in the shower or cooking, doubles as a high chair when baby is too little to sit up straight and can be used as a chair for toddlers)

NICE!!!! GOOD TO KNOW.  I am putting some more stuff on my registry and taking some off then :)  what about the diaper genie?

These cans worked okay for wet diapers.  For the poopy ones we just put them in a plastic bag (like Walmart or other shopping bags) and put them straight into the outside trash.  

The diaper genie requires special bags, so we used a diaper champ instead.  Either type is still a little stinky.  VERY glad when my son outgrew diapers.  =)

yeah, i had the diaper genie but i still just put old meijer or target bags, etc in it.  the refills are too expensive.  like jennagrant said though, poopies got a seperate bag and went in the outside trash.