Post meal spikes

We are told to wait 2 hours after meals to test. If my daughter tests within that 2 hours because she wants to eat something more she is often 180 or so. She is 10. Is this normal and is it harmful to be elevated for an hour or two like this? 

You should check w/ her endo to be sure (not sure of the recs for kids). But, I think this seems normal as long as it comes back down after the 2 hours. Also, she's probably not that high for the full 2 hours because BG's usually spike about 1 1/2 hours after the meal. If you want to avoid spikes, she could try taking the insulin a little earlier before she eats, so it has times to start working. (But, testing of course to make sure this doesn't send her low!)

It is quite normal to be elevated after a meal - as a result the post-meal target is usually 180 or less. Lower targets can be achieved with lower GI meals


It also depends on the type of insulin. For instance, Novolog has a slightly longer peak than humolog. My insurance likes novolog more because its cheaper ($10 vs $50 copay) so I have recently switched. I think novolog is slightly more stable because of the "slight tail" , but as far as eating sweets, I think Humolog works better. There is a noticeable difference between the two (at least for me).  I also use the paradigm 722 insulin pump, so I don't use long acting insulin (unless the pump fails, which is rare). Long Story short, depending on what type of insulin she is on, it could take a little longer than two hours for the insulin to completely run its course. I agree, you should ask her endocrinologist about this.

For me, I check after 3 hours because I notice that's when my insulin most effects me.