Possible diagnosis

My son got tested again for a clinical trial, through trial net. They had to run the antibodies again because they cant accept them from an outside lab. Once we get those back, they will do the OGGT. He has to pass that in order to qualify. A month ago, I was thinking no way based on his BG levels. They actually have been going down in the past 2 weeks. He is not in insulin, we are in the beginning stages. I’m assuming during this time that is normal, to fluctuate back and forth. Hopefully, we will hear something soon. I also got his 16 year old brother tested for antibodies, he’s never had any issues.

Hi @sullivansb . Some people start off in the “honeymoon stage” where the body continues to produce some insulin, but how much and when are unpredictable.
I hope you get a definitive diagnosis soon so you’ll know how to proceed. Keep us posted!

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