Positive covid and type one diabetes

i was diagnosed positive with covid on 11/4. it effects my blood sugar immensely. it’s like it rejects my insulin. every time i eat and put the correct insulin in, my blood sugar spikes to 500s. i even put extra on my corrections, etc. It takes usually all day or longer to bring it down to at least an okay range. I’ve been doing everything i can and i don’t think its enough.

So sorry to hear you are having so much difficulty managing your blood sugar. This sounds very scary. Have you raised your basal rate(s) as well as bolus and correction insulin doses? Hope your HCP or Endo has been able to advise you.

Hi @EvieFire . When my numbers are high I find that no amount of insulun will bring them down until I start washing any ketones out of my system. In my case one or two large (12oz) glasses of water get me started, although it may take a few hours to see the very slightest drop. As @KayCeeR suggested check in with your team to see if increasing your basal rate and adjusting other settings is in order.
I came down with it in mid March and had it for about 2 weeks. I started feeling better the last 5 days or so. I hope you’re recovered soon.
Please keep us posted.

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Evelyn @EvieFire , I’m really saddened to hear that you have contracted this virus infection. And sorry that your pancreas impaired body has fully responded in its usual way. Any infection you encounter now that you have diabetes will cause your body to need more injected or infused insulin - sometimes lots more. Has your doctor / Medical adviser provided you with an insulin treatment plan? By ALL means, be in touch with your doctor who knows about diabetes, and be certain that someone you trust to know about diabetes and insulin is available.

In your situation, you may need as much as 4 times the amount of insulin you usually use - but be careful and don’t be alone. I am NOT PROVIDING medical advice here, but the diabetes clinic provided me with “sick-day rules” 50++ years ago, had me taking fast-acting insulin as often as every four hours even when I wasn’t eating - the amount of insulin was calculated according to a specific formula. Talk with YOUR doctor about this. I don’t recall if you are using a pump, but correction doses should be given with a pen or syringe and needle. Also, if you use an insulin pump, you might consider using a higher percentage temporary basal rate - keep in mind that ALL insulin you take, basal and bolus has cumulative effect and try to avoid overdosing and driving you low. Write down all BG and insulin, with times.

@Dennis reminded me of something: my endo gave me a flow chart - yes, flow chart - to guide me on when I should go off pump and switch to injections. That’s typically if I suspect an issue with my pump or site, but it could apply to sick days as well. You’ve already read advice to connect with your endo about what’s going on right now - look into getting guidelines to keep a a rule of thumb in case you have difficulty reaching them in the middle of a problem.
Are you feeling any better today?

i have contacted my endo yesterday. we came up with a plan and started a temp basal and my numbers have been the best for the first time in over a week! im feeling much better and im heading back to school tomorrow. Thank you for all of your advice, im so tired of being isolated, im free tomorrow!


Excellent news - congratulations!