Please help In need of g5 senors expired or not

Hi all, I’m in need of g5 senors for my child will take even expired I have been every greatful for all thoes that have helped me out . I’m still in need for g5 senors weither they are expired or now .can pay for shipping.

I may have one or two. I will check tonight… send me your email or address. SMS

I can send you my email

Hello! Send me your email my daughter switched to new G6 system so we have some extras left over for the G5!

My email address is

Dear Brittany,

Did you see the latest post on the type-one-forum…? Extra Supplies - Dexcom and Medtronic - Technology & Management - JDRF TypeOneNation Community Forum

Good luck!

Kind regards!

Welmoed Ekster

No but I did now thank you so much .