Pizza and fatty foods

How do you manage fatty foods and insulin?

I have noticed that when I eat pizza or a meaty dish or fatty food, that my digestion is really slowed down and messing with my sugar numbers.

I have been crashing when I take my insulin before my meal, shortly after eating, because my sugar isn’t rising right away and end up being very high 3-4 hours later.

I have tried waiting after my meal to use insulin but so far I’m still going hypo and then still getting really high later on.

Any suggestions other than just waiting longer (like an hour or two after eating, before using insulin) ?


I pump, so I can deliver a meal shot over 1,2,3,4 etc. hours. Good for pizza and ice cream and spaghetti . The fats block absorption of carbs, that’s why you can’t bolus the entire shot up front.

Older versions of insulin such as N and R were better with “mixed carb” meals. Good luck