Periodic Fever Syndrome

Hello all!
Our daughter was diagnosed T1D this past July. School started on Sept. 8. She has been sent home with a fever each week, at least once. There are no other symptoms and the fever disappears within a few hours. Does anyone have any experience with this? Could it be her auto-immune system over-reacting to seasonal allergies? I am considering discussing a 504 Plan with her school.
Thank you!!

Hi Melissa, I would definitely talk to your pediatrician or endocrinologist soon. My son (11) was diagnosed 10 months ago and I definitely see blood sugar spikes when his allergies are acting up (year round and seasonal) but I have not seen any fevers. Sorry, I can’t be more help. You definitely need a 504 plan with your school. Our school initiated the process, it is something that they automatically do for all of their Type 1s. It protects him when he is having too many high or low blood sugars and isn’t feeling well enough to take tests. It is just good to be protected. Good luck, it does get much easier. I would recommend asking your local hospital if they have an advanced Diabetes class, this was a turning point for us.

Thank you- I will look into the advanced class for sure! :slight_smile:

@MellissaEnos a 504 plan is essential for your child. It will benefit your child for so many reasons. It can cover so many things. Such as, she is allowed to use the restroom as often as needed (when sugars are high) as we know they can spike for no reason and they consume large amounts of water. It also makes it to where the teachers cannot tell her “no”. Of course the situation should not be abused. She will be allowed to eat WHENEVER and WHEREVER as needed for lows(in class on playground, library etc) be able to check blood glucose often as needed as well as wherever. Be able to rest at school if needed. If your child is to low to participate in physical activities the 504 plan will help cover her. Also a 504 plan can change at anytime if you (being the parent or doctor) has some new adjustments. Your Endo can always help you outline a plan. Best of luck. Also I hope your child begins to feel better soon!

If I get stressed with too much physical activity or mental I will spike a fever. I stop what I am doing meditate and rest. This seems to lower my fevers. My diabetes was acquired in adulthood from stress & infection. I have had sugar spikes to 400 just from stress. type 1 autoimmune disorder that can have other than food influence our outcomes.