Pen pal

I have T1D and I really want a pen pal. I am 14, play basketball and volleyball and enjoy all sports. I was diagnosed on 2/23/10 at the age of 9 and now manage my diabetes with an animas one touch ping insulin pump and dexcom cgm. Please contact me if interested in the same things as me and we can email back and forth.

I would be interested. My email is Or you can add me on facebook. Aislyn Vaughn. My number is 618-335-5980. I know how it is dealing with diabetes. I am raising money to help myself get a diabetic alert dog, so if you have any advice please let me know. I love the help!

I would also be interested my email is I am raising money for JDRF. At the JDRF Walk in 2013 me and my family raised $4,194. If you would like just email me. Thanks

You can email me if you want at
I also have T1D and I am on the pen. I really want the pump thought.

You can email me if you want at
I have T1D also and I have an insulin pump.