Pen pal?

Hi! I’m Blakelee! I’m fifteen years old and I have had diabetes for 8 years! I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a pen pal to write to! If you’re interested comment below or message me!(:

Hi Blakelee!!! I am Fiona I am 14 and have had diabetes for 12 years! I have personally been going through some tough times(surgery recovery…) and would love to talk to you and others who can relate to what I am going through!! I think that if we created a pen pack we could all lend advice to each other! when I was 8 I had a penpal and she help me through things going on in my life remembering her makes me wish that I did have one because the people I do know are all recently diagnosed adults… please write me back im sure we will become fantastic friends!!
Your Internet Friend,

Hey guys I’m awhile I was diagnosed almost 3 months ago I’m 13 but if you want to talk you can message me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible

Hi boomerkitty11937 I have been going through diabetes for about 4-6 years and it does get pretty difficult. I think we all have those days when we just want to scream and yell at diabetes, but we just can’t let it get the best of us, we have to get the best of it(diabetes). I remember when I was first diagnosed I just wanted to cry all day and not think about anything else but how to get rid of it. But until we have found a cure we still have to go through those good and bad days.

Hey I’m Rita, I’m 15 and I’ve had type 1 diabetes for 4 years… I’d love to have a pen pal as well :stuck_out_tongue: I feel like I always annoy my friends when I complain about diabetes so it’d be great to talk to other diabetics. :slight_smile:

Hi. I am Sara, I am 15 and I have had diabetes for 3 years. I do not have any friends with diabetes and I am looking for support if any of you guys would be interested in messaging! Thanks guys!

Hi, I am Meghan. I am 15 years old, and newly diagnosed with T1D on December 30th, 2014. I haven’t had anyone to talk to that also has T1D. I don’t have friends or family with T1D, and would really like to talk to someone that goes through what I do. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, I am Zoe (following the pattern above here…). I am 16, and was diagnosed almost 7 years ago now. I love pen pals! If anyone wants one or is willing to be mine, message me :smiley:

Hi boomerkitty11937! My name is Maia and im 12 years old. I just was diagnosed with type 1 a week ago. If you want to talk message me!