Parents-please read

Hi, my name is Dania and I am a student and a type 1 diabetic of six years. I have posted quite a bit on this topic, but I am currently conducting research on the effects of type 1 diabetes on a child’s self-confidence at school. I believe that we sometimes forget that the complications of type 1 diabetes can transcend physical effects, and I think it is important to analyze how type 1 diabetes can effect a child’s mindset and behavior at school.

Parents, if you and your child/children (diabetic or not) could take my survey linked below today to help my research, as I would like to see how this issue effects diabetic children socially at school. I hope that this research can either help diabetic children better understand themselves or help parents better understand what their children may be facing.

If you would like to have a copy of the research results, please provide your email address at the end of the survey, as I would LOVE to share the findings of my research with you! My ultimate goal is to help diabetic children get the help that they may need. The safety of my participants is of utmost importance to me, and no information that could possibly reveal the identity of anyone will be disclosed in my research, which may ultimately be published in a student journal. Unfortunately, I am working on a tight time schedule and ideally need the surveys to be completed today by 6pm CT. I know it is a lot to ask but I desperately need your help!!

More information and the survey can be accessed by this link:
I am depending on your support. Thank you!!

Completed! Good luck! My daughter has maintained an amazingly positive attitude and it has never held her back. She is a Youth Ambassador for JDRF Illinois. She LOVEs the opportunity to share with others and teach the world at T1D! Sadly, I know not everyone feels this way tho.