On disability and state medicaid wont cover cgm

I am on disability for multiple health issues. For being 36 and having diabetes for 35 of those years I’m having a horrible time differentiating diseases when it comes to high and low blood sugars (when I feel low I’m actually high).I’ve had horrible lows and have fallen and really hurt myself plus I live alone. Medicare covers the cgm but Nebraska Medicaid does not. I can get a Libre but it really defeats the purpose if the transmitter cant notify you of highs/lows and I found the Libre not even close to being accurate. If Medicare covers a portion of it, I don’t have the extra money to cover the rest. Has anyone else encountered this issue with state insurance? I really need some guidance because I am going out of my ever loving mind and I’m running out of things to break :wink:

Thank you!

Have you tired to get a prior auth from your Medicaid plan ??? Because since you have 2 insurance Medicaid would pay second but I would try to have your doctor send in a prior auth for the cgm