Omnipod users

Where do you wear your pods? I only seem to wear mine on my lower back.. but i think i am getting scar tissue there and i need more locations!

I am 16 weeks along and I where mine usually on my stomach yet and back. There have been times when I wear mine on the side of my hip. I haven't had to move it in any wierd places yet, but I heard that the arm works well--keep rotating because when scar tissue builds up, the insulin won't absorb as well.

where on your stomach do you wear it? Isn't there places that need to be avoided?

I have tried it on hip/thigh area, back, and stomach (of course)- but my FAVORITE location is my arms.  I almost never wear it anywhere but my arms.  I find that I get faster insulin uptake there too.  Just be careful putting shirts on and off to make sure it doesn't get caught- and with increased doctor appointments you need to be mindful when they are doing blood pressures.  ;)

The only place that you have to avoid on your stomach is the area around the bolly button--not only does it hurt when the cannula inserts, but it also doesn't absorb well there. I put it wherever, there is absolutly no way it can hurt the baby.

opps, typo---BELLY button, not bolly button!!!

I have been a diabetic since I was 9 years old. I had a miscarriage about a year and a half ago when I was 20 weeks along. It was definatly one of the hardest things I ever had to deal with, but on top of it, the doctors kept saying it had nothing to do with my diabetes!! --- which also made me even more upset. I still believe that it was because of my Omnipod placement, or the fact that I had so many low blood sugars while being pregnant that caused the miscarriage to happen so late on. I use mostly my back, or my sides like up high right under my bra line. My arms have also been good in certain instances, but it bothers me as well getting in and out of my car and entering a new room (I tend to hit it on the wall and stuff...)

Arms are good in the winter when I have lots of layers on. :)

Anyone else have late miscarriages b/c of diabetes? Issues with Omnipod?

I use my lower back as well, and I love the placement there. The only issue I've had with the placement is that one time I injected into a muscle, and when I bolused, the absorption rate was so fast that I had my lowest blood sugar ever. Now I just change the pod immediately if I hit muscle.

I normally wear them on my upper arm and on my stomach, but during pregnancy I only did my upper arms. I would sometimes wear them on the back of my thigh, but I never liked it there.

I'm not pregnant but am hoping to be soon... but in general I put the pod on upper arm, flank, butt and upper outer thigh area and I haven't had any problems in any of those places