Omnipod pod failure

Is it normal for pod failure rate to be about 30 percent?   New to the pump and not happy with failure rate, but LOVE the control and rest of it.  By failure, I mean alarm sounding, have to change it now.  

when they first came out I heard a lot of chatter about higher failure rates, but that was years ago.  Failures should be reported back to Insulet and hopefully they make full replacements.  

in general for medical devices, 30% is ridiculously high.  hope you are okay and good luck

Someone help.  We are ready to send back the whole thing.  Another failure.  I report each one, they apologize...offer no help because she is going by the book.   Thinking about switching pumps....

who's "she"? are you calling the Insulet (Pod manufacturer) representative or your doctor?  the rep, or Insulet/Omnipod customer service, would be the place to report failures, and to get replacements.  good luck.

Dianemarie, the newer OmniPod system has been having many technical issues. If you are on Facebook, there's a group there called My OmniPod and many have complained about these current failures. The pod failures seem to depend on Lot 's. So you possibly might have a bad batch. If you call Insulet h report the failures, they will replace them asap & send you a return envelope to send them back the failed pods so they can break it down to find the reasons for it failing. So since the new OP system is having these issues, Insulet is trying to work out all the kinks. Unfortunately, I don't think they expected such a high volume of failures, so they are chasing their tails having to catch up with the users' frustrations.


Thanks for sharing that information ! Good to know

Also, if the pod is failing at deployment or from unexplained occlusions, the new angle of the cannula inserts at 45 degrees, a 15 degree sharper angle than the old pods. Depending on the site location, this could cause the cannula to possibly hit beyond the subcutaneous layer. So, try pinching up the skin during deployment. My rule of thumb is to be able to pinch up at least an inch or else the site won't be worth it. If the pod has no failures but you are experiencing constant highs, this also could be the reason as the absorption rate might be much slower if not in the fatty tissue.