Omnipod Dash PDM Camera

Hi All, I just received my new Omnipod Dash pods & PDM in the mail and excited to start using the sleeker PDM. I was wondering if anyone noticed that the new PDM looks like it has a camera?

It seems very strange, maybe they just want it to look exactly like an iPhone?.. I don’t see anything in the manual about a camera and haven’t seen anything online.

I thought maybe the purpose of this is for adding pictures of food for your database. Could be useful for doctor appointments or meetings with nutritionists. Maybe a camera could be used in conjunction with a carb counter?

Has anyone else noticed this or know anything about it? I know two of the buttons on the bottom are nonfunctional. Are there plans to make those buttons functional along with the camera in future software updates?

Hello @jhofstra welcome to Type One Nation and the forum.

I don’t have the dash but I couldn’t help noticing that the PDM is an android tablet. Since Insulet didn’t design it but rather took an existing piece of hardware and wrote an operating system for it, it will have functionality that is built in but not needed or used for the Pod control. The extra buttons, camera, other sensors, GPS, etc. are all likely on board but completely unused.

It is much cheaper to use something that is available than it is to design everything from scratch. If Insulet wanted or needed to, they could write a code update and use any part of the tablet.

There may be (or in the future) cracks and code that can be used by tech types to do different things (loop for example) with the PDM that were not approved or even intended in this revision.

Good luck and I hope to hear from you!

Thanks Joe! That makes a lot of sense.