So Tuesday is the big day! I start my insulin pump! Any comments about Medtronic Minimed????Im freakin out a little bit!!

Hi Morgan, congratulations on getting to start pumping! I have used my Minimed pump for almost 4 years, and it has given me the best control I have ever had. Your pump should do the same for you. The book "Pumping Insulin" by John Walsh was a big help. Many people recommend it very highly. I ordered my copy from amazon.com. I hope you have a good pump trainer and will get off to a good start!


Congrats!  Getting the pump gave me a lot more freedom and control - I have no regrets and I hope you won't, either!  I've really liked MM and even when I had pump difficulties, the on-call tech support has always been fabulous.  This is kind of weird, and I'm not sure if it's common knowledge, but I think the MM pumps don't work with Duracell AAA batteries.  I remember one time I used a Duracell battery in my pump because I thought it would work the same as any other AAA battery, but the battery lasted only 3 days!  i talked to my mom about it and she told me that Duracell batteries don't work in pumps.  I have no idea if this is actually true or why it would be true, but it'd be a good thing to confirm.  Hope everything goes smoothly for you!

Thanks for the suppprt guys!

Congratulations on getting the pump!!  My girlfriend recently got hers and is "pumped" to start using it!  I hope it makes things a lot easier for you!


Haha Mike! That was punny! :) Definitely just made my day! Thanks!

They ship them in a brown well padded box. Inside the box is another white box. It is shipped via UPS and requires a signature. They will also send you an e-mail with the tracking information when they send it out.


Katie, an Energizer battery is the correct one to use in Minimed pumps. I think there is a statement to that effect in the literature that accompanies the pump, perhaps in the manual.

My daughter has the MM in pink. We've had good luck (knock on wood).  I hope it all goes well for you too. =)

Congrats Morgan! I love my MM pump - no regrets since getting it five years ago. It is soooo much nicer getting just the one shot (to insert the cannula) every three days as opposed to the 4+ MDIs every day. The customer service at MM is great and it is easy to reorder supplies online. One time in the five years my pump crapped out on me but I had received a brand spankin' new one within 12 hours! (Weird, but it was very sad to send my old, first pump back. I almost cried packing it up as it grew to be such as part of me.)

BTW: in regards to batteries, I was taught to only use Energizer in my pump, but have used Duracell with no problems. Not sure if the length of battery life is different as I do not count the days the batteries last. I just ALWAYS keep a spare battery (and a coin to open it) on hand. In fact, right now I have some off brand cheapo battery in it and to my surprise it is still showing "full strength" after a couple of days.


Enjoy your new pump and I hope it gives you as much freedom and control as it has done for me!