Not pregnant but curious

so i had a miscarriage in 2011 which got the ball started for my crazy year of health. i kid you not exactly 1 year later that i found out my baby was gone i found out i had diabetes. shitty huh? anywho, not married or realy looking to reproduce anytime soon. i just want some insight on what it will be like when that time does come for me now that i have T1. any advice or facts or really whatever is awesome!!

I'm so sorry about your miscarriage.  Sounds like you had a crazy year.

If your diabetes is reasonably well controlled it won't affect your ability to conceive.  

Once you are ready to become pregnant, or if you have an unexpected blessing, there are a couple things that will help:

* Talk to your doctor if you take any ACE inhibitor drugs.  They are commonly prescribed to people with diabetes to prevent kidney problems, but can cause birth defects.

* Consider using an insulin pump if you don't already.  Makes it much easier to deal with the constant insulin changes of pregnancy.

* Make sure you have good insurance.  No matter how well controlled your diabetes is, your pregnancy will be considered high risk and require additional doctor visits and ultrasounds.  

* Find an OB/GYN who is experienced, or willing to take the time to learn about, expectant moms with diabetes.  Pick a doctor who you like. 

* Read Balancing Pregnancy with PreExisting Diabetes by Cheryl Alkon.  It's a great resource.

I'm sorry to hear... but you do sound just like me in 2008 when I had my miscarriage. I wasnt ready for all of it, and my diabetes wasnt controlled either. Ups and downs finally got to me, and I lost the little guy (at 4 months!!)

Anyways, I cant give you anymore advice because I have not been, or plan to be, pregnant as of right now.

But keep your a1c's in the 7's so you dont end up having issues like me!