Non-Responsive Non-Stress Tests

I am just wondering if any of you T1 mom's out there experienced several non-responsive non-stress tests when you were pregnant?  I'm currently in week #31 and I've had a total of 4 non-stress tests so far, two of which were fine and the other two were non-responsive, so I was sent for a biophysical profile ultrasound(checking amniotic fluid, movement(s), and breathing, etc.) on both non-responsive occassions.  I've passed the biophysical profile both times, but I am starting to get concerned.  I feel my baby moving constantly - espeically after eating...she apparently chooses not to move when we are at the doctor's office.  I just wondered if this was a common thing?  Anyone deal with this before or is dealing with it now? 

~Nicki :o)

In the beginning, I seemed to have all my non-stress tests scheduled when my baby was sleeping - normally she was kicking up a storm.  But wouldn't you know it, every time I got hooked up she'd start snoozing and wouldn't budge!  I changed the time of day that I went in for the tests (to the afternoon instead of the morning) and tried to eat right before the test (since she was also pretty active after a meal).  Good luck!

Thanks ladies.. I am 31 weeks and starting my NSTs next week, so appreciate the info. Question: How often are you having NSTs from this point onn in your pregnancies?

My high risk doc first said I needed TWICE weekly NSTs from 32 weeks on...but my OB (who also deals with high risk patients primarily) said starting at 32 weeks, once/week was sufficient as no issues presently. Then I guess they become more frequent after 36? Guess I need to get clarification from my doc as is always alot of info to absorb and I am confused...

Thanks. Megan