No Delivery?

Why am I getting the "no delivery" message on my pump? Is it actually not delivering insulin? Is it at least POSSIBLE that it IS still delivering? It keeps interrupting my breakfast bolus and I keep hitting resume and then it gives me another 2 units of insulin and starts beeping again. I'm pretty sure there's nothing wrong with the tubing; I did a fixed prime and everything worked. And I the site looks fine and worked flawlessly yesterday. Obviously if my sugar skyrockets I'll change it, but I'm just wondering if other people have had any issues with this.

Okay, I just answered my own question by looking at the user guide's troubleshooting section. It turns out something, not the pump/tubing, is blocking the insulin from entering my body. That still raises a lot of questions, though...

Hey Ellie,

This has happened to me before. Maybe once every few months. Sometimes it happens right after I change my set and sometimes it happens much later after I've had the set on for a couple days.

When you are just doing basal, its going really slow. So if something is blocking the the tubing very little pressure will build up. Its the pressure on the pump piston that tells the pump something is wrong. However, a bolus is a lot more insulin and a lot faster so the pressure builds really quick and triggers the pump that something is wrong. That's been my experience.

So what's causing the blockage? Well, for me, its usually something screwy with my infusion set. The little catheter comes out crooked or kinked or with a little bit of white in the tip (fat?). All I know is that changing the set has always fixed my problem. I don't throw out the insulin reservoir if there's a lot left. I just change the infusion set. Doctors may tell you to change the whole thing. I'm just letting you know what I do.

Don't worry too much about it. I've had it happen after a dog tugged on my pump a little too tough, when I've been sleeping on the ground while camping, and just hanging out at home.

I had that happen when I first got on the insulin pump, turns out it was defective. Had to file report with the BBB to get a replacement, they sent me a reworked (used) one for the new one I was paying for. Going back to syringes I know they work every time.  

Haha I guess I wish the pump piston were more sensitive to pressure.

This can occure for me when I use my upper thighs. One reason I tend to only use my stomach area. No delivery means just that, no delivery. Another issue can be a faulty resevoir.