New to the Group

Hi my name is Gina I am raising my two grandsons my youngest grandson was diagnosed in December when he was six with type one diabetes just looking for a place to get some ideas and support

hi @realtorladynj, Gina

I am glad you found us. sorry to hear about your grandson’s diagnosis. is there something specific you need information about? maybe insulin, meals, activity, travel, school? I hope you have all the support you need.

Hi Joe
I need help with everything. Lol. I just got that Dexcom transmitter , first day it didn’t stick the entire day. I put a new one on him last night and he went to school with it today. Let’s hope for the best. I need to go get him snacks for schooll The nurse checks his sugar before lunch.
What do u suggest for snacks

hi @realtorladynj, Gina

for snacks, he should have a fast carb source, my favorites are skittles or even tootsie rolls, in case his sugar is too low. For a regular snack it all depends on the insulin he takes and his meal plan. a typical snack is 1 or 2 servings of carbs (about 15 to 30 grams of carbohydrates). then there are “free” snacks (zero carbohydrates). I woudl work directly with a CDE (Certified diabetes educator)

for planned snacks with carbs, I tend to like mixing the carb with a protein to slow down absorption. For example cheese and crackers. The fats in the cheese will slow down the absorption of carbohydrates from the crackers.

for free snacks, it will be harder at school because things like nuts and peanut butter may be an issue (restricted) due to nut allergies at his school and with whatever his tastes are like.

there are tons of parents on here and i hope they chime in with snack ideas as well. mine are a little bland.

Thank you so much