I have been having the most horrible pain in both my arms and hands it feels like someone is ripping my fingers apart, drilling into my knuckles. My hands, wrists, fingers are so swollen that I can't even wear my wedding rings. I am taking water pills and they reduced the swelling some but not totally. Does anyone else have these problems? I have been to an ortho and he told me that some of its carpel tunnel but most of its neuropathy so doing surgery isn't gonna do me any good. I take gabepentin for the neuropathy but its not helping enough.

I have numbness in my feet as does my brother.  My other pains seem to come on only when I eat a food that I'm allergic(?) to.  eggs.  I've found this out on my own.

My husband has neuropathy. He sees a pain management doctor and a neurologist. Many doctors do not know how to treat it correctly, but keep searching till you find the right ones. It took us a few years to find the team of doctors that was able to help him "manage" this horrible disease that came with being a type 1 since he was an infant