Need your help with e-mail campaign!


Hello all! I need your help with my JDRF Walk e-mail fundraising campaign. The general idea would be to modify a walk letter to put into the body of the e-mail and then get quotes and pictures from some kids/teens with diabetes and put them in a YouTube video-kind of as a 'These-are-the-faces-of-diabetes' thing. So I was wondering if ya'll would do this to help me out? If not, I totally understand, I was thinking I'd do first names, max. The involvement of the other kids/teens is going to be strictly what they and/or their parents are comfortable with.
Basically, I want the question of "what's the wost thing about diabetes/what do you hate the most/etc" answered, along with a fairly current picture, current age, diagnosis age and first name(or initials-whatever works for you). What I think I'm going to do is take the picture and put current age and diagnosis age on it and then have the slide following to be the quote. Anyone who is willing to help, message me with first name/picture/quote/ages. If you don't have a picture or quote right away, that's fine, just message me anyway so I can get a rough guesstimate on how many people I've got.