Need help

Hello everyone,

I am new to this and i need help… Can any one help me with BG and diet plans . I am about 7 week pregnant and I am T1D. I am struggling. I have limited my carbs, not eating crazy or stuff I am not suppose to, but according to my Dr I am ok sometimes and all over the place others. I can win!! I need help. Any advise?? I am frustrated.

Thank you!

Are you working with a high risk OB yet? You insulin needs will DRAMATICALLY increase throughout your pregnancy and you will need someone to help you make adjustments frequently. I had to email blood sugars to my high risk OB’s office once a week and then discuss insulin changes with them over the phone. Later in the pregnancy I think I did twice a week. Are you on an insulin pump? If not, and you’re able to get one, I would seriously consider it.