Middle of the night issues

There are sometimes in the night, I’ll wake up and feel like I’m going to throw up. After a few minutes, I’ll have to get up and use the bathroom. After sitting there and going, I’ll break out in a terrible sweat and get hot. After that, I cool off and become cold. My endo said I should test my sugars, but I feel so bad that it’s the last thing on my mind. The one time I did, it was in the 200’s. Has anyone else had this issue?

It sounds like you may be going high during the night. That would explain needing to use the bathroom, and is supported since you were in the 200s.

Do you take a long-lasting insulin (Lantus or Levemir)? It is possible the dose you’re using isn’t well matched to your needs. Or are you eating anything within a couple hours of going to bed? There are some foods that, if I eat them within a few hours of bedtime, can make me rise overnight.

Hi @davidimmo ,

I think @cmanton has given you really good advice. Your symptoms certainly indicate that your BG is going too high and your body is reacting - that sick feeling, the sweat and then chills. Even though “testing” is the last thing that you feel like doing, I too would advise doing that and if your reading is high that you take, with well educated advice, a correction of fast-acting insulin.

I have found that whenever I eat a fat - carb meal, that my BG will rise several hours after eating. For instance, if I have a burger and fries at 6:00 PM [actually the wait-staff at the place where I usually order an awesome burger all automatically serve me a side salad instead of the fries] my BG will be in range at 9:00 PM and then be very high at 2:30 AM the following morning unless I take a second bolus before bed-time. BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU TRY THIS; KNOW YOUR BODY’S RACTION.

The last time I had an unexpected overnight high was actually when I ate a cheeseburger and fries for dinner, so I definitely agree with you, Dennis :slight_smile:

I got up, tested, and corrected with some rapid-acting. It’s no fun to have to think about testing and correcting in the middle of the night when you feel sick, but I promise it will lead to you feeling better much, much quicker if you just do it right away!

I also now try to keep my cheeseburgers to lunch so I have more time to deal with any unexpected delayed effects.

Sorry, I’ve been busy this week. I take Lantus at bed time. 25 units. The good/bad about this situation is it doesn’t happen often. I couldn’t tell you when the last time it did, so I can’t trace back my eating habits for that day.