Medtronic MiniLink Transmitter

Hi, does anyone have any insights into availability of the Medtronic MiniLink transmitter ? This is the “”clamshell” used with the Enlite sensor, and the part number is MMT7703NA. I understood from Medtronic that if my son’s transmitter is out of warranty (which it is), I would not be able to purchase a new MiniLink transmitter, as they are not supplying it anymore. We would have to upgrade our pump and go to the next version of sensor + transmitter. I’m not quite ready to make an upgrade choice, and we are happy (or I should say, as happy as we get) with the Enlite sensors. Thanks for any thoughts.

I’m not endorsing, nor do I work for the company. I did find a listing for the item you’re looking for. Just an option.

Thank you, it never occurred to me to look for this type of item on ebay! We used to have a brand new spare, it sat in the box for approx 2 years. Then when I went to start using the spare transmitter, its battery would not hold a charge. Proving that saving things isn,t always the best idea. Thanks again.