Medtronic memory

I just got some information packets on the medtronic and animas pumps and I'm very torn between them. One of the main things that could be the decision maker is the memory. According to a comparisson chart on  the memory in the medtronic can be volitile ( boluses, bg, and other info lost) My question is: since medtronic has released a new model (the 523 or 723) is the memory more reliable? Or does it still lose info? I realize the new models just came out so I understand if this takes a while to figure out and respond to.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Alex,

          I just got the medtronic pump 523 a year last Nov. I can say that it does not lose info. This is the only pump I have had and I love it. Hope this helps

I've used different Medtronic pumps for the last 9 years and have never had a problem with it losing info.  I frequently check the bolus history, basal rate and daily insulin total, and the info is always accurate.  When changing the battery I'm always a little paranoid and try to change it fast so my basal info stays.  No matter what kind of pump you get, write down your basal rate somewhere in case your pump dies.  They are machines and don't last forever.  

The main advantage with an Animas pump is that it has the food database, so you can easily look up the carb counts for what you're eating.  It isn't an issue for me because I've carb counted for 20 years and have the Track 3 app on my smart phone to look up carb counts when needed.  

Thank you Jaimie and Jennagrant. This makes my decision easier. I guess I'm just pickiing things apart that I've read online. I think I'll go with the Medtronic pump.

ive had the 522 and now ive got the 722 and in the 7 years that ive had those pumps i never had any lost info or anything.. but then again it could just be mine because some of my friends that have the 522 say that it sometimes loses their previous boluses but that was it

I've used the 522 for the last few years and never had a problem.  

FYI  The only difference between the 522 and 722 is size of the reservoir.  The 522 holds 150 units of insulin and the 722 holds 300u.  As a new pump user you'll probably get the Revel, which is the latest and greatest from Minimed.  Basically the same as old pumps, but it can sync with a Minimed CGM.

I've been using a Medtronic 722 since August of 2007. I have not really had issues with the exception of some error codes that kept me from uploading my data to the tracking software.  Medtronic quickly and relatively painlessly took care of the issue.  I will say that we just started my 3.5 year old son on an Animas Ping and truly love it.  Their educators and trainers were awesome with him and with us, the fact that the meter stores favorite foods and carb amounts and the ability to bolus from the meter is priceless.  As with any product there are good and not as good features with each pump.  Provided I can make the switch later this year when my warranty runs out I will be making the switch to the Ping as well.  Feel free to post any more questions you may have.

could you tell me more about how does it work on a 3.5 year old? my son is 4 and half and newly diagnosed two months ago, should i ask the doctor to consider that option?

I was using a 515 and 522 for 5 years and never lost any info. I had never heard of this either.


how did you administer insulin during the school hours?


The remote control for the Animas is what sold us. It is easy to bolus without fishing out the pump from under clothing and bending over to see it because the tubing is short.

In the 11 years I have been using a Medtronic pump, I have never had any memory loss issues. Received the Revel a little over 1 year ago, and cannot complain at all. Works great with the CGM, and One Touch Meter. Care Link is a valuable tool for me, and doctor. I cannot have an opinion on other pums, since I have never considered anything different. Ifit's not broke, don't fix it. Good luck with your search


I used a Medtronic pump for 4 years and then switched to an Omni Pod.  I love it, no tubing is great!  I also have a Dexcom CGM which has definitely been a good choice.