Medtronic 670G Automode Settings Backup Not Possible

Another Medtronics 670G system gotcha is that there currently is no way to backup the internal auto-mode settings the pump “learns” over a several week initial use period. And there is no way to transfer these settings into a new pump, should you need one. You’ll be going through the auto-mode setup process again. You can recover your carb-ratios from the Carelink (Data upload software) reports.

The auto-mode transistion process was a little rocky for me, as you have to fiddle with your carb-ratios to compensate for auto-mode restricting “microbolusing” after a large meal bolus. It won’t be as bad the second time around, but it will still probably mean about a week of lots of high-blood sugars, all because Medtronic can’t/won’t figure out how to backup and restore the system.

Anyway, I thought people making decisions about what insulin pump to “marry” for the next 4 years, deserve to be aware of this design oversight.

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