II was diagnosed about a year ago with type 1after I had finished my undergraduate degree. Now I am taking the LSAT in June, and am a little nervous about how to take a long exam with diabetes. I am not on the pump yet, unfortunately, which seems like it might make it a little easier. The problem is this: I'm shooting for a very high score, but I find that even relatively small highs or not-too-serious lows that normally wouldn't bother me affect my performance. Taking sections individually, I score very well. I score well taking full practice tests where my blood sugars happen to stay between 5-7 mmol (Canadian scale). But if they go higher or lower than that, it dulls my edge noticably. The exam is four hours long and (thankfully) in the afternoon, so at least I don't have to consider postprandial breakfast spikes!

My question is this: does anyone have suggestions about how to keep your blood sugars very, very stable for four hours where you wouldn't be moving around a lot? What snacks might you use? What meals might you eat beforehand?



I don't know if you experience this, but my blood sugar drops when I take a big test.  Stress and excitement can mess with blood sugar.  I typically run a little higher so I have a safety net.  

Ask the test administrators if you can bring a glucose tester and glucose tablets into the test with you.  The proctor may want to look over the items to make sure you're not trying to cheat.  If you feel weird at all, or during breaks, then test.  

I've had diabetes since I was a kid and it's never gotten in my way in the classroom.  You'll do well if you're ready to deal with unexpected highs or lows.  Good luck on the test.