Looking for life insurance

Hi guys,
I am looking for a life insurance policy that will cover type 1 diabetics. I am a single and primary bread winner in my family. Also I work in New York City and take the subways to my job daily. Now with being on high alert and the risk of terrorism, I am think of taking out a life insurance policy so that if they bomb the NYC subway and I pass away as a result, at least my children are covered. Does anyone know of a good company for a policy.

I made a grammatical error, I meant to say that I am a single mother.

I haven’t gone through with it yet, but I have my car and homeowner’s insurance through Nationwide and my agent was able to suggest a policy for me. I haven’t actually obtained it yet, but I’m guessing it’s possible. Try calling your current insurance agent for suggestions.


My mother is a financial advisor and has been selling life insurance for over 20 years at Metlife. They are a great reliable company and she is an AMAZING advisor. You should connect with her: 636-751-6230 or her office line: 314-548-4859 her email is ctomasselli@metlife.com

She will ask you about some history and then run a quote for you. I got my insurance well before I became diabetic so I got a preferred rate which means I’m now locked in and don’t pay very much for it. I’m sure if you take good care of yourself and have a history of good health and diabetic management, the rate won’t be too high but there’s only one way to find out. There’s no commitment to buy and it doesn’t cost anything to get the quote.

She may refer you to an agent in New York who is as good as she is. She has a lot of contacts.

Good luck to you, you’re doing the right thing. Life insurance is very important and one of the most responsible things you can do for your kids.

I have only been able to qualify for the “token” $10K policy offered by some of my employers. I have tried to sign up several times for additional coverage, but they have always sent a questionnaire which includes diabetes, and I have always received a rejection letter. However, maybe times have changed and some companies may offer at least modest plans, so best of luck to you.

I as well am interested in this as I have a son and wife and well dont want to leave them behind in debt. Im not looking for a large quot, just enough to bury me or whatever. Id do more but cant afford a large quot so Id be happy to just make sure they dont have additional bills after Im gone from the funeral homes and so on.

I am an independent life insurance agent and would be happy to help you get life insurance coverage. There are several companies that will insure type 1 diabetics. A lot of people are able to get coverage today who haven’t been able to in the past. We aren’t always successful but it’s worth investigating your options.

You can email me or visit my site www.thetookeragency.com