Looking for a new pump

I have been on the minimed paradigm for the past 4 years and was on a different minimed pump for the 4 years before that. Its been awhile since I've been able to get a new pump and with that change came me leaving childrens hospital where my endocrinologist basically told me the best pump available that time to now making my own decisions and was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for new pumps to look into?

Thanks so much! --Emma

Were you happy and comfortable with the MiniMed? That's the main thing.

Here is a site that compares all the different pumps and their features:


I used some version of the MiniMed for about 15 years. I just recently switched to the Cozmore because I felt it gave me more control over my blood sugars than the MiniMed. For me, that was the right decision.

My daughter is on the OmniPod pump.  It is tubless and very discrete.  We love it.  It holds 200 units of insulin ( I know others hold more, not sure how much you need).  I believe it does most of the things other pumps do.  The only differences I am aware of  from the OmniPod and other pumps is it only calculates insulin on board from a previous correction not from a meal bolus.  Also, it doesn't have the option for a CGM yet.  This pump has only been on the market since 2005.

There customer service is excellent.  Representatives are very helpful.

If you would like to look into it their website is MyOmniPod.com

Good Luck!!



My 14-year-old daughter loves the OmniPod too.  Much, much better than shots.  It has an extended bolus (which is like a dual wave bolus on other pumps) and you can set temp basals, which are great for sports. We were at a diabetes expo, and learned they are working on incorporating a CGM into the pods, which would be awesome to have it all at one site. I can't imagine having to deal with the tubing that comes with other pumps.  But, like other pumps, the OmniPod isn't perfect.  We have had bad pods, and while their customer service is fantastic and they immediately replace any pod that isn't functioning well, it does mean wasted insulin and high blood sugars for a day or two until you figure out what's going on!!



Hi JamiesMom

Can you tell me more about the CGM that OmniPod is working on?  That would be fantastic.  My daughter is starting to get fustrated with checking her blood all the time.  Especially when she is at a friends house or if we are out in public.  I know we would have to test her at least 4 times a day, still it is better than 10.

What type of problems have you had with the pods?  I actually have 2 boxes of pods from the same lot # that do not work properly.  I don't want to use them on her because she will be high for days.  We have had blockage problems and just the other night she was high.  The corrections didn't work.  We took the pod off of her and realized the canula was bent and the insulin was coming out of the bent part instead of the tip.  I called and they are sending me a new pod and want me to send this one back so they can investigate it.  W have not had many pod problems.  It is still great to use.  Love it.



They're working with DexCom -- here's a link to some info: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/93235.php

The guy we saw was from the OmniPod bike team, and he was wearing an OmniPod and the Freestyle Navigator CGM, which takes up more skin space than the pod's do.  My daughter took a look at the two together, and said, no thanks! He also told me they're working on improvements to the PDM, like a color screen.  I hate to tell you but the not wanting to check the blood sugar when you're out, or around friends, etc., only gets worse.  My daughter even argued with me once about checking her sugar when we were at her endocrinologist's office! 

Occassionally, the pods seem to just not insert well. We know it's a pod issue because she'll have a couple of ridiculously high sugars, and then I have her do a shot.  If it goes down after the shot, it's the pod, not what she ate, etc.  Not always easy to know with a teenager!  When they replaced the box for me, they did ask for all of the remaining pods back, which wasn't a problem because we weren't going to use them.  And, they sent a prepaid box for them too.

Overall, like you, we love it.  I can't imagine her having to deal with the tubing of other pumps.  And, she definitely prefers the omnipod to shots!




We have the animas ping, and love it. i tis so simple and the customer service is remarkable. It is water proof as well. That is nice. They will be working with dexcom for cgm's. Check all of your options. Ypu will be happy with whatever you choose, I am sure. Hope this helps.