Long acting question

I recently had my long acting dose increased but until I go to get new syringes my current ones don’t hold enough for the whole dose, will it act different if I take it in two doses? I’m thinking it will make my levels drop as it in theory should absorb quicker right?

Hi @Mattj79825 Matthew. Welcome to TypeOneNation! No it doesn’t matter: for example you could take one 20 unit shot or 2 10 unit shots nothing changes. If the total dose increases you can drop between meals that’s the result of the total units not the number of shots.

It’s a good concern regarding the absorption but that’s not how the long acting formulation work. The long acting insulin is chemically modified such that the entire shot absorbs over about 24 hours.

As always you can ask your doctor to explain but they don’t usually have time.

Ok I just wanted to make sure because if the absorption worked that way I would be looking at unexpected lows thank you for the information