Lilly's Ultra-Rapid Acting Insulin

I just read that the FDA approved Lilly’s Ultra-Fast acting insulin named Lyumjev. Fiasp has been a let down for insulin pumpers but I am always cautiously optimistic about new technology. Has anyone been able to try this new insulin by injection?

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hi @Scott this molecule is new. I haven’t even seen a absorption/comparison chart yet. good luck if you try it, honestly I am so used to humalog i am not looking for anythign much faster… maybe for bringing down a high… it would be great if it was a 3 or 2 1/2 hour insulin tail and got the heck out sooner…

Hi @Scott, I also read the “release” when this insulin was approved, and I’ve been following the development.
A year or so ago, I put in my name for testing but I wasn’t selected; now that I’m using Control IQ, I will not take the risk of this ultra-RAPID-Acting insulin. I remember in 1996 when Humalog was originally used how fast that new-fanged thing worked in my body - I would not pre-meal bolus, and in fact, I would not inject my meal bolus until I had been eating for five or ten minutes. After 25 years using Rapid-Acting Humalog and Novolog [both similar acting in me, totally different substances, chemically] insulin gives me some grace-period.

Looking back over time, I certainly hope that doctors will want proper insulin training and and dosing management skills to be proven by a patient before prescribing Lyumjev. [Not a new technology, but rather an “enhancement” to Insulin Lispro.] I’ve had the discussion about how medical personnel have need to shift focus from attending to hypERglycemia to now dealing with hypOglycemia; an issue developing since the introduction of Rapid-Acting Insulin formulations.

My daughter’s on Humalog, but I did discuss this new insulin with her endocrinologist. He stated since she was doing so well, there wasn’t any reason to change her insulin.

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@type1talia Thanks Talia for your report. It sounds as if this Ultra Rapid fits your body quite well.
Your experience sounds positive, . In the future, when asked, I will make referral to your post.