Life, Not-Beat-Us. As to: Diabetes

Although it may seem like a ridiculous title, this may just be something that one might read There’s no one is this world that doesn’t have some kind of issue in our body. We as T1D’s are a very small portion of this complexity of that make-up. Our pancreases don’t work. We do have great fortunes that modern day opportunities are available. Be interactive with your Endocrinologist and their wealth of information. My best of hopes for one is to take into consideration is that if one’s MD “simply” says: “Do this” which may not click with what’s in your inner self … that person may not be your answer. (just saying). Be pro-active with awareness with today’s absolute wealth of information that is on the WWW., and with those who are living at T1D’s, and for pete’s sake, tell those around you that you are a T1D, they love you, and would most certainly be there for You, IF you would just let them in.

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it’s not ridiculous at all… @DebbieKingGeile, it reminds me of - that which does not kill you makes you stronger, to which I would only substitute - …makes you smarter.

I have only had to fire one doctor. But I’ve threatened to fire 3 - they snap right into line or they they get to be done. nice to meet you. - Joe

Hi Joe. Thx for the reply. And for the re-enforcement of what I posted.