Lasik surgery

Hello, I am wondering if anyone with t1 has had lasik eye surgery and if so, what was the experience like? I have been thinking about getting lasik for several months and am mostly concerned about the healing process. I spoke with my endocrinologist about it and she stated that an a1c within range is the most important thing to consider, but I am wondering if anyone can speak to getting lasik from personal experience? Thanks!

Hello @bejoyful42 ,

I haven’t had “Lasik” surgery but I have had plenty of laser eye surgery beginning in 1967 with the last laser done December of 2016; and I have had laser eye surgery with about six different style laser beams including a modified weapons grade ruby laser. I’ve also had several other surgeries during my 60 years living with diabetes.

As long as you “are in good shape” with YOUR diabetes management I wouldn’t think that lasik would cause you increased risk. As your endocrinologist suggests that if your Hb A1c is within an acceptable range is important; but in my view an awesome A1c of 6.0 doesn’t mean everything. All an Hb A1c of 6.0 implies that during the preceding three months or so your average body glucose level [BGL] was about 106 mg/dl - what is your standard deviation day by day? How often do you sway from that 106?
I am not a medical doctor, so here I’m speaking from personal experience and my research.

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