Lack of energy?

I have this fake baby that cries and wakes me up in the middle of the night.  I've had it since Thursday and so far I've had about 5 lows.  I also tend to get low a lot in the middle of football season.  Stress make you have lack of energy and be low?  Any weird times when you tend to get low?

omg that sucks about the fake baby! i just had a flour bag this year, and that was retarded, because my friend threw hers at me and it broke, i couldnt stop laughing!

I have to ask is that the weird one I saw on TV???? I am to old to have had that in my school time. Weirdest time for me to go low is in the shower. LOL

Maybe?  Its $400 and it cries A LOT.  So stressing.  The only crappy thing about it is that it only gives you the bad things about babies not all the happy laughingness that you get with your real babies.

Lol my teacher wouldn't trust my class with a flour bag.  That would be all over our school.

... how does carrying around a flour bag teach you the responsibility of being a parent?