Keeps insulin pens "cold"

17 year old going to st martin for 7 days- have yet to travel with un-used insulin pens. How do we keep them cold until we arrive (10 hour door to door hopefully travel time) at location. Last trip was to florida only for a few days so we were able to take the items that were already in use (even the back ups - seems we have 2 of each going at a time between school and home)

As you probably know, if you keep them room temperature they will last about 30 days. If your 17 year old will be using that insulin within 30 days, then no worries! However, if you want to keep them refrigerated – hoping to bring unused insulin home and stick it back in the fridge, then I would bring an ice block and a small soft-sided cooler. Don’t put the pens directly against the ice blocks, of course.

If the ice blocks are frozen when you arrive at the airport and your son has his letter of medical need from the doctor (for security) then there won’t be a problem bringing it through. Have him keep that in mind when he returns, if he wants to use the ice blocks again. They must be frozen when you go through security! Otherwise they are subject to further testing and I have no idea how they do that on a closed ice block.

Does he have any FRIO packs? Look them up. They are very handy at protecting your insulin pens from extreme temperatures. It’s a misnomer that it keeps them cold. It keep them in a room temperature range – which is great if you supplies are subject to some sunshine or hot weather conditions. You simply soak the pack in water for the designated amount of time, then slip them into a sleeve with your insulin pens inside. I would try it first at home. I have oversoaked mine and couldn’t fit the pens very well inside.

Good luck to him!

Thanks - that what the exact answer i was looking for. I keep getting wishy washy answers. As far as the FRIOS - we don’t have them - I didnt really understand how they worked and saw poor reviews. I will try and order some for her before we leave - we will be near by but not staying at the same place. So this information is PERFECT!!! Thanks again and thanks for the heads up on the ice blocks as I didnt know they needed to be frozen. We do have the travel letter from the Dr. already. Thanks again

Used a FRIO for daughter on a recent trip to England. Worked very nicely. Will use it again on an upcoming trip to Japan - a longer flight and trip, but I trust it will do the job.

Thank you.
Ordering them as we speak.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: I hope you and your daughter have a great time!!

Hey kcarleonard,
I am about to publish a piece on this for DiabetesAbroad. Let me know if you would like a copy of this emailed over. Think what Karen provided is pretty spot on in terms of keeping insulin room temperature if the trip is only a week long. You can also head to the homepage to download the packing list (or can email that over too). Make sure you pack some extra ‘buffer’ supplies for emergencies + if something fails.