JDRF Charity Stream! Today, Jan. 8, 2017, 1-8PM Mountain Time

Hello, I hardly use this site, so I wasn’t quite sure where to put this. Hopefully in General is fine. If not, sorry, and somebody with the power can take this down if need be!

My Stream

So, hello everybody! I have only streamed my gaming a few times, but I decided to enable donations to my Twitch channel, and make a monetized gaming live stream where I’ll be donating all proceeds to the JDRF. c: The times of my charity stream can be seen in the title. My goal is to raise at least $250 if possible.

I really appreciate you reading this and if you can help spread the word, especially to any gamers you know. I don’t have the best equipment, but I hope to raise money with regular streams to improve my stream quality. During regular and not charity specific streaming, I will still donate 30% to the JDRF.