It has been a week since the day I will never forget about

On 9/3/10 was the day that I will never forget about ever. That Friday I along with my mom and grandma Cass were going to leave to go to my aunt's house in Ohio, for a family thing. My mom and dad had left to go get something eat together and my brother and I were left home. When they get back around 10:00am I was not up yet. My mom called up-staris for me and I said I was coming. I was standing net to the table. And I started to go into a low. And was not responng to my mom and than I started to shack. So my mom want and got the kit thing and I had. It was about 11:45am almost 12:00pm when I woke-up from this thing.

I did not kown if I wanted to share this story with u guys but I will

Hey Jaimie,

First, I am glad you're okay. Does it bother you when your family discusses your diabetes? I do the same quite a lot, mostly because I need an outlet because the emotions I have when I'm scared for Sarah need to be shed, and the best way to do that is to talk about it. I think I'd try to keep it contained a lot more if it bothered Sarah, but she seems to enjoy the stories of her lows and highs and crazy moments. I will keep paying attention to see if that changes over time so I don't upset her.

Anyway, glad you're okay!

Thanks Michelle,

there are times when I would care less if my mom tells someone, but I think telling all of her family when I was in the room than I do care about that.

I recall a time when I was low.  I had eaten and was coming up, but wasn't there yet.  My Mom and brother were in the room talking about me as if I wasn't there or as if I was a baby.  HELLO!!!!!!  I am still with this world.  I can hear and think and remember.  I just can't respond like normal.  Don't treat me like I'm retarded!

Hi Rochelle, I am glad that u are ok too, and I have had that happend when someone thinks that u are not and the room and start talking about u

Oh Jaimie! I'm glad your okay!

We need to connect soon! We can't seem to do that at all. :)

LeahMarie, yes we do need to talk to every other sometime i kow i will be on gmail on tuesday idk when but i kown it will be after 11:30am.