Is the CGM worth it?

I was just diagnosed T1D 18 mos ago and just went on a pump 4 mos ago. My sugars are better but still having issues with lows. The APN at doctor’s office is trying to talk me into getting the Dexcom G4 CGM but I’m not sure if I’m ready for it. Still trying to get used to using a pump.
They had me wear the CGM for a week to track trends but didn’t find any.
Should I just wait longer?

for me the CGM is a great tool for fine tuning basal rates and tracking things like bs for a meal (the whole rise, peak, and fall). other than that they are not worth it for me…

I don’t get real-time enough readings to use it for exercise. The CGM can lag reality by up to an hour because the sensor is in interstitial fluid, not blood.

Calibrations irritate me. a sensor that needs frequent calibrations are more noise than useful in my opinion, now understand that I use instruments all the time at work, and none of my instruments need calibration more than 1x per YEAR so I am “spoiled”.

I have a great sense of low sugar - i could see if you couldn’t sense a low then the CGM may be necessary.

when a CGM becomes actually real-time, accurate, and calibrations are not necessary, then I’ll be first in line. your mileage may vary, good luck.

Hi, I’m the parent of a 12 y/o with tid. She was diagnosed 3 years ago. She tried the cgm that goes with her pump on and off but we never were super happy with it. We recently started using the Dexcom G5 and we love it. (As much as one can be with anything dealing with this disease:-) I’ve never found much help with trending as much as low prevention and alarms at night. Very rarely is the number more than 10 off. Another incredibly helpful feature are the arrows. this lets us know that her bs might be a good number now but it’s changing and something can be done especially going into an activity. The App to share information is super easy to use. I can be sitting at work and see her bs number while she is sitting in class 40 miles away. Now that we have this insight I couldn’t imagine being without it. Even my daughter (though she doesn’t like the insertion of anything else on her body) wants it on. I honestly w this helps you :grinning:

I have the Dexcom G5 and have been using the Dexcom system for 3 years and I would say that it is Definitely worth it. If you have a hard time feeling your lows, go on it for sure. That’s why I went on it in the first place. That aside, however, it is nice to be able to see when you are trending downward, so that you can eat before you even get low. You can also see when you have been high longer than you should have been, so that you can give more insulin. I also have mine read to my husband’s phone, as well as both of my parents, so if I have taken too long to respond to a low, I get lots of phone calls or texts checking on me. This is especially helpful at night. I have a T1 friend who was diagnosed the year before me who just went on the Dexcom and he told me this weekend that he doesn’t know why it took him so long to get it.

Hello, I am new to this site and a fairly new user of the Dexcom CGM. I have only been diagnosed for 5 years, Im an active 37 years old and I have to express my love for the CGM. I love that Im able to see if I’m going low or running high. You can set the alarms to suit your needs and adjust the volume/vibration. I also like being able to use the Dexcom app when I dont feel like carrying around another gadget. As far as wearability and comfort, no complaints. I have been placing the sensor just below my armpit, where your brastrap would lay, and my readings are spot on. I just started using it in march and my A1C, for the first time since being diagnosed is below 7. I love it!

I was diagnosed a little over 4 months ago, a few weeks before my 37th birthday and have been on MDI since. I started doing research and when I found out about pumps and CGM integration I thought it sounded amazing. I finally got the ball rolling about a month ago and found out today that my insurance company denied my CGM request, apparently I haven’t had severe enough hypos, but they did however approve the pump. I’m going to try to work with my Endo to appeal the insurance denial of the CGM and hopefully get it approved.

If you do decide to get one, hopefully you don’t have a similar experience with your insurance as I have or at least brace yourself that things may not go as smoothly as you would like.

Best of luck whatever you decide. :slight_smile:

I love my CGM. I use a Dexcom G5, and use the receiver instead of a smart phone. I find that the number as good, meaning they match what I get on my meter, and the numerous values it keeps helps me track trends.

I have recently gotten their “new” software - Clarity, which is good for me, and following the recommendations of the Dexcom tech support folks, have started uploading the information once every couple of weeks. I recently learned that when you call for help, the support line techs can access this information, which gives them serial numbers of the equipment you are using, should a problem develop on your end.

This gives them current information, and makes it easier for them to send out replacements, if they are needed.

I loved my CGM.