Is anyone in canada using omnipod? if not which pimp are you using

i just tried the omnipod website.  basically it is a usa website.  the Canadian version is coming soon.  what pump are Canadians using?



Canadian's only have two options: Animas or Medtronic.

I personally liked Animas, great customer service and I liked their Ping, but the pump wasn't for me. I will DEFINITELY go back to Animas if I ever try the pump again.
Medtronic on the other hand was a Royal B to deal with to just try and get some info on their CGM (currently only option for that in Canada) and it took MONTHS before I even got a rep to call me, which then turned them pressuring me to buy their pump that comes with the CGM so my insurance would cover the machine..but then not hook up the pump (pay $1k outta pocket, use my one-time coverage of a pump, and only use the CGM?? yeah no).


The OmniPod has been "coming to Canada" for a long time..I think it was suppose to be "in the process" when I tried the Animas Ping about a year and a half ago (holy crap time flys!).