Insulin Pump

What kind of insulin pump do you have?  What are the best features of it?  Anybody know about new pumps that are the top of the top with new features? I have a medtronic minimed paradigm 720... best feature... probably bolus wizard.. (pretty sure the wizard is probably on most other pumps... but it doesn't have anything better really.. ha)

Oh one more question, if you don't have an insulin pump... why would you not want it? It's made my life sooo much easier and my a1c has dropped with it.

why i dont want the pump? i tried it for 3months and it's not for me; i prefer MDI. not everyone has better control on the pump nor can everyone afford it whether they want it or not. it's great it works for you, but everyone is different.

I just upgraded to the minimed Paradigm 523 feature is the CGM and the predictable alarms....

I have the same pump and like you I have nothing too special to say about it other than it is reliable and not complicated. Before this pump I had a Deltec Cozmo. I loved it for a while, but then all of a sudden it stopped working at night. I had two DKA's that required hospital stays within two weeks for unexplaned shutoffs. I really had no explanation for it. Than I received a letter form Deltec telling me about a malfuntion with the model I had that would cause the pump to stop delivering insulin if I left it alone for a period of time (as I would sleeping). They wanted me to sign a recognition form and mail it back. I refused to sign anything and quickly switched to the Minimed. I planned on speaking to a lawyer to try and get Deltec to cover my hospital stays but never really got to it. Anyways, I have had zero problems with my Minimed since.

As for your second question, there are many reasons why people don't use pumps. For one, many people cannot handle the freedom that comes with a pump. I myself struggled with the pump for a long time, and nearly quit testing. Additionally, many people fear having lows at night that they do not notice and having an insulin delivery system attached to you. As a previous commenter put down, it is not for everyone, but if it works for you thats great! Hope this helps.


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I have a Medtronic 522 and it's been a good pump.  But I kind of have my eye on the One Touch Ping because... 1) works with One Touch glucose monitors, which I think are the best   2) the glucose monitor works as a remote so you don't always have to pull out the pump to bolus or check remaining insulin in reservoir   3) has an integrated food database so you can select a food you've eaten and not have to look up carbs  4) it's truly waterproof (my Medtronic died last summer when I got dunked in pool for just a few seconds).

This is from One Touch's site, so take it with a grain of salt




Jenna, I will add one more reason for using the Ping:

5) Animas will be combining with the Dexcom CGM in 2011. If you already have a Ping, I am reasonably sure you can upgrade and use the Dexcom, if you want.