Insulin Pump?

Hello ladies! I’m now 5 weeks pregnant and type 1. I’ve been asking my doctor for the pump months ago, before I was pregnant. My endo has never been pro pump, so the first time I asked he told me that he doesn’t recommend them because they are more labor intensive, too expensive, and he said that the pump will only supply me with insulin and not help me monitor my sugars. Therefore, I didn’t get the pump months ago because he was strongly against it.

Well I talked to the diabetes educator, and conducted my own research. The minimed paradigm seems awesome! And now that I’m pregnant I want the pump more than ever. I went back to my dr yesterday and asked for the pump again, and once again he made me feel like an idiot and was against the pump…he said I should’ve gotten it before getting pregnant. And I understand because I have to make changes etc. however, he has changed all of my insulin and wants me to take 5 shots a day ! I want my pump more than ever, since I have to make all these changes anyway, plus I’ve been educating myself on the pump. I was sooooo frustrating with my dr…he is not diabetic and he doesn’t understand how unhappy I am with the shots. I read all these posts about how the pump helps so much! My numbers have been fluctuating and he’s still against the pump! I really think he has not updating himself with this new piece of life saving technology.

Long story short, he saw how adamant I was about getting my minimed paradigm pump and he surrender ! My insurance will cover most of it, and I’m reading books and working with the diabetes educator (She’s way more helpful than the endo)! I didn’t want to make my dr to feel incompetent, but he was sooo wrong…I can monitor my sugars continuously with the monitoring system and the pump and the technology is awesome. He also went on to say how it’s so much labor involved in changing the infusion site…what do y’all think? I think 5 shots a day is soo much work, and I’d rather change my infusion site every 2-3 days.

My pump should be here in about a week. Any tips now will help. :slight_smile: especially, since my endo has no knowledge about anything and hates I’m getting a pump…saddens me and our views don’t align, I have to find a new endo ASAP! My fiance was so disappointed in my endo :frowning:

Get a new endo NOW!!! If they say that insulin pumps are not good for you, they are lying! I refused to go on an insulin pump for the longest time because I didnt want to rip out the wires, but when I moved and got a new doctor in 2006, he told me I had to get onto an insulin pump because my sugars were all over the place. (It'll be worse with you being preggo). Anyway, he told me about OmniPod, the only pump without wires hanging out, and I was super excited! Ive been on OmniPod since 2006, and it has certainly helped. I change it every 3 days.

Honestly Ive heard of a lot of people on Mini med-- but I dont know to much about that pump. Does it have a CGM included into it too? I use the dexcom along with my OmniPod in order to control my sugars better, but I've found it annoying and  always seems to go off at BAD times (in class, out with clients ect).

Also, this seems to be a male doctor (and no matter what, they are super thick-headed!).... have you spoken with your OBGYN? Maybe they could recommend a endo who is specialized in high risk pregnancies.

Hi Calla! Thanks for your response. I don't see my obgyn until march 15th; he's a great doctor. I have a friend that's helping me look for a good endo, because I want the best care.  The minimed does come with CGM.

And yes he's a male doctor! He was sooooo against the pump, but I wouldn't back down. I can't wait to find a new endo. I will call my ob and see if they can give me a recommendation for a high risk pregnancy endo.

Hey there,

I have the Minimed Pump and been on it for the past 11 out of my 12 years with diabetes. I just had my first baby Nov 2012 and if I didn't have an insulin pump I definitely know for a fact I would never have been able to keep my blood sugars in control for pregnancy.

Your doctor has a point of saying that you should have been on the pump before you got pregnant but, in my honest opinion at this point it doesnt matter because your rates during pregnancy will pretty much change every week and it shouldn't be that much of a big deal. It sounds like your doctor has no clue how to use an insulin pump because if he did you would have been on it way before this.

A CDE along with an insulin pump trainer should be able to help you get your rates done pretty close to what you need and really quickly because you will be checking so often.

The labor of an insulin pump is literally 3 minutes. If he thinks that is labor hes seriously coo coo! I can change my set with my eyes closed if i wanted! haha  it takes you no time to learn how to do it. When I first started on the pump they had me use the pump with just saline in it for a week while using shots for a week to get used to the buttons and what i would bolus for food etc... the next week it was on to insulin!

The continuous glucose monitor for Minimed is really helpful for trends but, it doesn't take the place of finger sticks. You still need to check a bunch of different times during the day. But, it alarms if you are trending low and as well as high. If you get those alarms you would need to check it against your meter to make sure its correct.

Where are you located?

Get a new endo and get a pump.  I did shots for 25 years and have pumped for the last 10.  I would never willingly go back to shots.  If injections were working great for you, it might not be worth it to switch.  But most of us do better on a pump and have lower A1cs and fewer lows than we did on injections.  

Since switching from a pump my A1c went from an 8 to a 6.7 without making any major life changes.  While pregnant I had a 5.1 A1c (with no blood sugars below 60) because I used a pump.  That would not have been possible with shots.

This site gives a comprehensive overview of the pros and cons of using a pump.  Frankly, I've experienced all of the pros and the cons haven't been a big deal.  I especially think DKA from an ineffective pump is unlikely... it takes hours or days for DKA to occur.  If you are testing normally you'll quickly catch a pump problem.

Minimed are probably the most common pumps and have great customer service, so it's a good one to start with.  They have a CGM if you choose to use one; CGMs are especially helpful in the first weeks with a new pump to verify your base insulin rates are accurate.  The new minimeds also come with a free Bayer Next Link glucose meter that transmits your test results to your pump.  Then whenever you visit your endo he/she can download your pump history and get a report of your glucose levels and insulin doses.  

Not only will a pump help you through your pregnancy, it will help you in those first months of being a new mom when you barely have time to take a shower.  =)  

Your doctor sounds a bit old fashioned and unwilling to learn new technology. I have been type one since I was 4 years old and I am 33 now, I resisted the pump for many years because I dodn't want something attached to me all the time. I got married 2 years ago and of course my husband and I started talking about having children. I knew that the pump was the best option for meto have the best control. I have had the pump since last April and my A1C has never been better and I'm also 7 weeks pregnant!

On a side note I am a pediatric intensive care nurse and we have kids that come in on the pump and can manage them just fine so I'm pretty sure you won't have any problems and will love it!

If a pump would help you get better control, than that's what you need to do.  I have been giving insulin injections for over 20 years and it's worked just fine for me.  You have to remember that all a pump is is a delivery system.  It takes away the inconvenience of giving shots all the time.  I always have my test kit and insulin with me and don't mind giving shots, so a pump isn't for me.  Do what works for you and make sure your healthcare team is on your side!

Thanks for all the supportive/ helpful responses! Gina I'm located in college station.

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