I know that when you are diabetic, you take longer to heal.  So I was just wondering if anyone knew if it took injuries from sports longer too....I just got a stress fracture, and I wish it could be better faster rather than slower!! 


I have actually been a competitive runner for years and was amazed by the injuries that I faced at highly increased rates after being diagnoised with type 1.  I have had more shinsplints and stress fractures than I ever could have imagined and it seems like they last FOREVER at times.  My BG is well controlled but I am extra careful about what I eat when I am healing and check my BG more often to make sure (before and 1 hour after meals).  I have also read online that if you are person that doesn't get a lot of calcium that taking a supplement when recovering from stress fractures can be helpful. 

thanks!  that is very helpful to know :)

i have been t1 for 12 years and with smaller injuriies i heal very quickly, and i just had ankle surgery 2 weeks ago and thats healing good  but i drink alot of milk and eat lots of fruits and veggies so idk i guees im just lucky

Anyone know how long it takes to recover from muscle tears?

Hey Mal! Muscle tears recovery can just depend on if its an injury or just from a hard workout? Usualy from a workout its just about 2 days if ur a conditioned person. If uts an injury it can take much longer upto several months depending if its a micro tear or a sprain or something worse. Hope u feel better soon :slight_smile:

Here is a good link to read... it might help some :)

Thanks! I think I've read that web page before, and a couple others like it. It's been a month and a half since my leg started bothering me, and I'm pretty sure it was a grade 1 tear... I went to my family doctor yesterday and learned that now my left leg (the injured one) is significantly weaker than the right, probably because I favor the right one since it isn't injured. Now I'm going to a sports medicine doctor, so hopefully I'll heal up soon.

that's the spirit champ... keep rockin it! :)

So... my leg FINALLY started to consistently feel better a couple weeks ago. Now I just have to get back into shape :/ Thanks again for the help before :D

Why would a diabetic take longer to heal, if blood sugars are well controlled?  I heal quickly, but really don't remember life before diabetes (diagnosed age 4).


My understanding is that both high blood sugars, damage to small blood vessels and neuropathy are all able to cause slow downs in the healing process.  No question good control seems to make a positive difference with healing times, though.