Inject before or after eating?

I used to give myself insulin before eating but sometimes I do it after. Has anyone found 1 way is better than the other in effecting your bs?

My doctor in Germany said that if I check my blood sugar and it is on the lower side, then to go ahead and inject after eating, but if it is closer to being high then I should inject first. This works quite well for me but if I am eating a complex carb, like oatmeal, then I will inject before eating no matter what my blood sugars are.

I usually do it before..but if I'm sick or I just can't for some reason I'll wait til after. The problem I always have is remembering to take it afterwards. I've forgotten and it has been bad news sally.

I find I'm MUCH higher though if I take it after, since the insulin wasn't working while I was eating the meal. This is why doctors prefer you take the insulin first.

If I am low when I test, I will sometimes take it after, so the food can raise my level before the insulin kicks in to cover the carbs.

I've had quite a few Endos badger me about the importance of bolusing before any kind of meal, but I think it really depends on what you're eating.  For example, I just read somewhere that even fast-acting insulin takes 30-60 minutes to fully enter your blood stream..I usually don't take a full hour to eat a meal (I'm a college student) so I think bolusing right after a meal is fine, especially if the meal contains complex carbs that take longer to be broken down.


We switched to after for my daughter but that's because trying to determine what a 4 year old will eat prior was a nightmare. Then we had to fight her to make her eat when she wasn't interested. it was really awful. Now that we do after, life is so much easier.