Ideas for school lunches?

Hello, I must pack my daughter’s lunch for school now, before we just sent her and little sister with money to school. Even though it is the begining of the school year, my daughter is already bored with her food. I always have fresh veggies and fruit, however sometimes my daughter wants to swap one of those out for like cottage cheese or something along those lines. But sandwiches are getting OLD. She is not fond of peanut butter, so we stick with turkey, beef, tuna. Im super frustrated because when I look up recipes it seems it takes 20 mins for one school lunch (ridiculous). Any quick balanced school lunch ideas… maybe even throw in a low carb desert?

I am only a couple weeks into this but little by little I am finding things,Slim Jims,Sugar Free Jello,Beef Jerky,hard boiled eggs,At costco there is some organic fruit snacks,Sugar free pudding (there is carbs but it gives them a changes), the fiber one snacks/bars are good - there are different ones,watermelon,Ritz crackers with cheese or peanut butter,those are a couple things

I am about 7 weeks into this new world of being a T1D mom. I have not found any fiber bars that are low in carbs! May ask the brand that you have found?

I’m almost 3 months into this and as a senior in High School I now have to pack stricter lunches like today I had chicken with ranch, peanuts, a piece of fruit, and one chocorite as a treat!

Yes they are called PowerCrunch,you can find them at Trader Joes and I have also found them at Albertsons…But cheaper at Traders. Depends on flavor but they are usually 8 to 11 carbs and my son LOVES them. They are 1.49 to 2.00 a bar depends where you find them. Serious - the other day I bought a box in each flavor!!!

Every kid is different, but we use a thermos a lot. We send pastas, mostly raviolis (Frozen or canned) and soups a lot. My son will happily eat cold left over steak or grilled chicken. He also like hummus and just plain chick peas. We have always packed home lunch, so I know it can be tiresome. Hang in there. I PROMISE I don’t spend 20 minutes packing a lunch (note the heavy use of left overs) and there are no cookie cutters or artfully created faces involved either. :slight_smile: This is easier said than done - but if haven’t yet, try to get her to make suggestions. Sometimes I have better luck with that at the store than at home.

Detour smart bars are oatmeal based and have a couple of good flavors. My daughter likes the peanut butter and chocolate flavor best but will eat most of them. They are a little pricey, but a lifesaver on days when she stays after school for lacrosse or student council. They never cause her bs to spike.